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Sept 17, 2020

Lesson 9/10   60 Min

Hi Sergei,

This time, our FT article concerns quick loans for Mexican Businesses during this pandemic.

More about Mexico's economy from BNE:

Sept 15, 2020

Lesson 8/10   60 Min

Hello Sergei!

Today our topic is weddings!

Have your heard about online weddings in NY during the lockdown?

And we'll discuss a mass wedding in S.Korea.
. the members of the wedding party: 
. the cost of the average wedding: $27,000

​. wedding registries:


Sept 4, 2020

Lesson 7/10  60min

1. Did you know much about the origin of Wikipedia before this tedtalk?

2. Do you use Wikipedia?  What's your opinion of it?

3. Is there something similar in Russia? 

4. Were you surprised to hear Wales describing Wikipedia as "radical"?

5. Their mission is to put an encyclopedia in the hands of each person?

6. Comment on their neutrality policy.

7. And I also admire the democratic operation of their website.

8. Do you think this trend for free access to information will be short-lived or does it have a future?  Why?

9. Were you surprised that they have only one employee and monthly budget of $5000?

10. They operate with 600 to 1,000 volunteers.  What's your reaction to this?

11. I was surprised that only 1/3 of the searches were in European languages.

12. Does this article change your view of Wikipedia?  ​

Speaking of encyclopedias/dictionaries, are you familiar with the following?

Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary
Reverso Dictionary

There are some lawsuits filed against universities by parents because of the interrupted spring semester 2020 and because of the online instruction in the fall of 2020, too.

Aug  31, 2020

Lesson 6/10   60 Min

Hello Sergei!

Today we'll talk about airplanes!

First, the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX.



Then, we'll discuss the end of the Airbus A380.






And, the business plan of SpaceX to include travel on Earth.

Aug  23, 2020

Lesson 5/10   60 Min

Hi Sergei,


​Keeping up with technology: what managers and executives should know.

Then, we can discuss a business practice by airlines which has been revealed by a whistleblower.  It's called fuel tankering.

Aug  16, 2020

Lesson 4/10   60 Min

Hello Sergei!

Today our Guardian lesson concerns the fortune a man found at the charity shop when he bought a small book!

Aug  7, 2020

Lesson 3/10   60 Min

Hello Sergei!

The troubling truth about selfies with sloths.

And,  from BNE, how the pandemic can affect the illegal trade in wildlife.

Aug  2, 2020

Lesson 2/10   60 Min

July 25, 2020

Lesson 1/10   60 Min

Hello Sergei!

Here's a tedtalk by an unusual curator who sometimes returns artifacts held by his museum!

From Breaking News English, a similar topic: Egypt and Greece are calling for the return of ancient artifacts. 

1. Colwell calls ancient objects magical and able to take us beyond our imaginations.  What do ancient objects mean to you?

2. He tells us about countries and nations which demand the return of their ancient artifacts.  Tell about any such cases you have heard about.

3. Some objects are considered sacred to some peoples such as the War Gods of the Zunis.  Can you give examples of other sacred objects in the world and how it would be to take them away?

4. Colwells asks, "What should a curator do?"  What do you think they should do?

5. He also asks, "Are museums good?"  What's your answer?

6. Do you know the "dark history" of museums that Colwell refers to?

7. Did you know that Native Americans have been especially hurt by having the skeletons of their ancestors taken away?  How do you feel about this?


8. I think about our Orthodox Chrisitianity which venerates the relics/bones of the saints. What do you think about the relics of Saint Nicholas received by the Russian Orthodox Church?  Do you know that Turkey sued the government of Italy to have the relics of Saint Nicholas returned to the city of Myra (a Greek city during the Byzantine period) because Italian Crusaders had stolen them?  Thank God the Turks lost this case!

9.Colwell wants to plant seeds of hope and reconciliation between museums and those wronged by them.  How did he do it?

10. What role can virtual museums and collections like Google Arts and Culture play in resolving these disputes?

11. What role can technology play in creating a compromise?

12. Did you like this ted talk?



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