For you, Sasha andYulia!

Pathways books – articles about everyday life situations and their particular vocabulary
Breaking News English –news articles presented with many exercises including audio
Touchstone books –excellent textbooks which emphasize real conversation as spoken today
lingualeo – an excellent, free resource which helps you review vocabulary
npr –National Public Radio, radio listening for news and commentary
Moscow FM  Russian news in English language

RT Channel on Youtube
Russian Dictionary

Merriam Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Merriam Webster's Picture Dictionary

Visuwords visual dictionary

Your Dictionary

Using movie trailers to practice your English

Russiapedia, an informational website for non-Russians created by Russia Today, an audio library of popular music with English lyrics and Russian translation

Voice of America News Special English, video news reports in slow, clear English for students of English

Voice of America- written and video news reports for students of English

tedtalks– important technology, education and design talks​ 

foratv – video presentations mostly from business conferences

For you, Ivan! 

​Tumblebooks - Talking Library books for all ages

Mightybook - Videos of stories, jokes, poems and songs.

StoryPlace - Interactive stories and activites for pre-schoolers

Storynory - audio stories

Storyline Online - Stories narrated by famous people from the Screen Actors' Guild

Starfall -an excellent website to teach pre-schoolers the alphabet, phonics and reading

ReadingBear - a very nice website which emphasizes phonics in great detail

Enchanted Learning - a children's encyclopedia

Nat Inst of Environmental Health Sciences - a U.S. government website which gives the lyrics and music for popular songs

​First School - preschool worksheets which can be printed as coloring and writing pages

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